A Blog is Born

World, meet Datascopes.  Datascopes, meet the world.

Right. Introductions and social niceties out of the way, you are no doubt asking yourself three questions:

  • Just what is Datascopes?
  • Why will I find it interesting?
  • Which you will most probably follow with why do I need another blog in my life?

I’ll be curt: Datascopes is a blog devoted to discussing technology news and issues du jour, with a special focus on data storage and storage products brought to market by IBM.

Why will you find this blog of interest? My goal is to provide information and stimulate discussions that will be of value to those of you who – like me – spend most waking hours immersed in the worlds of technology and storage.

As for justifying the need for yet another blog… yes, I fully identify with the “I really don’t have time to read another blog.” I’ve therefore set out to write relatively short blogs. In fact, similar to Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule, I’ve devised a 4-8-8 rule for my blogs: at most there will be – four screen scrolls; eight hyperlinks; and no more than eight minutes of reading.

Finally, a disclaimer: I am employed by IBM, and so naturally, I will be inclined to discuss IBM storage products and technologies. This is a good thing for a few reasons, two of which I’ll mention:

  • We have a great roster of storage offerings which offer unique value to our customers
  • I’m a marketer focused on how technology brings business value to customers

The bottom line is you’ll hear about how technology can result in positive impact on business and much less on things like speeds and feeds.

So 4-8-8, right? Off we go! I’m hopeful that you find my blog useful and look forward to engaging with you soon.