Catch a wave with IBM and you’re sitting on top of the VMworld

The VMware universe has converged on San Francisco this week to learn, impart, network, and even have a little fun at VMworld 2015.* A Gold sponsor, IBM has put together a riveting roster of presentations, demonstrations, and breakout sessions — click to check out the activities and visit the booth to win a trip to Hawaii.


IBM and VMware have a deep, longstanding partnership. IBM is an elite VMware global OEM partner (IBM was actually VMware’s first OEM partner), and the companies meet frequently at every level, from executive on down.

With the breadth and depth of both companies’ portfolios, there are many exciting developments at any given time. So it’s no surprise that foot traffic at the booth is brisk, my sources informing of keen interest in VersaStack and IBM Spectrum Accelerate.

To get the lowdown on key integration points, watch theCUBE interview Eric Herzog, VP Marketing, IBM Storage; also, read Paula Koziol’s recent blog, a handy summary of the latest and greatest points of integration.


In this blog, I’d like to cover two of many noteworthy developments:

  • support of VVol by IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • the self-service recover portal for IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Virtualize: Bringing VVol to Storage Near You
In February, I wrote about VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVol) and how it addresses an acute problem faced by VMware administrators, application administrators, and storage managers (Tony Pearson provides depth in his recent guest blog on the VMware blog page).

So what’s new? At VMworld, there have been demos and presentations on how support of VVol by IBM Spectrum Virtualize — the software in SAN Volume Controller, the Storwize family, FlashSystem V9000, and VersaStack — is making a deep impact on the storage world in at least two ways:

  • Users of these storage systems can benefit from VVol 
  • Users of storage virtualized BEHIND IBM Spectrum Virtualize (and there are 250+ such systems) can benefit from VVol as well, even if those systems don’t support VVol natively. Now that’s powerful.

Users tap into VVol functionality with IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition. The latter consolidates VMware integration across IBM Storage (DS8000, XIV, the Storwize family, FlashSystem, Spectrum Accelerate, etc.) — meaning only one component is required to support VMware functionality for any IBM storage platform.

Check out the IBM Knowledge Center to learn more about VVol implementation.

IBM Spectrum Protect: Self-service portal for simple recovery
Another way that IBM Storage is simplifying the lives of administrators is with a self-service recovery option for IBM Spectrum Protect.

With the new self-service portal, users of VMware and IBM Spectrum Protect can recover files easily and quickly. Simply point to a URL, enter the portal, and choose the recovery point and files. The new portal eliminates phone calls, emails, and other irksome tasks, increasing productivity for everyone involved.


Self-service portal for VMware environments

To read the recently published analyst paper about the benefits of IBM Spectrum Protect in virtual environments, click on the thumbnail below.

esg paperSurfing data oceans
With these two integration points, among so many others, VMware and IBM Storage continue their cadence of integration, enabling customers to “surf” the waves of their data oceans and dramatically reduce the complexity of IT operations. Given that virtual server and storage infrastructure are the predominant deployment methods for hybrid cloud, customers of IBM and VMware are uniquely positioned to leverage our cooperation and rapidly reap business results along their virtualization and cloud journey.

* I, alas, am missing the North America event and will be catching the European event in Barcelona in a few weeks.