Fly to the Cloud with IBM Spectrum Storage

I concluded my last blog by emphasizing that software defined storage (SDS) offers companies different ways to deploy storage: as software, as a purpose-built appliance, and on a cloud. In this blog, I’ll focus on the last option – the ability to procure and consume storage services in a rapid, agile way using a public cloud.

Being software defined, IBM Spectrum Storage offerings can naturally be deployed in the cloud. Cloud-based storage provides many advantages, including the ability to store and manage data without having to procure, “house,” and manage physical hardware.

Two products that truly demonstrate these SDS benefits are IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights and IBM Spectrum Accelerate. The first delivers storage efficiencies through a unique combination of analytics and management; the second allows companies to rapidly deploy Tier 1 storage with striking simplicity.

IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights 
People and data are an organization’s most important assets. To be blunt, though, most companies are more adept at managing headcount than they are at managing data. In fact, IBM studies show that typical capacity utilization rates are around 50%.¹ And just as HR wouldn’t accept “employee utilization” of 50%, IT organizations shouldn’t accept poor storage utilization rates.

That’s where IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights can help. It addresses a wide range of storage inefficiencies head on. This new software-as-a-service offering runs on SoftLayer, using analytics developed by IBM Research; enabling companies to better understand their storage situation; and, ultimately, engendering a tight, efficient data storage outfit. 

Organizations can benefit from Storage Insights by:

  • Monitoring capacity and performance of on-premises storage (IBM Storage and over 250 non-IBM storage systems)
  • Reclaiming unused storage to improve utilization and defer capacity purchases
  • Optimizing data placement based on usage patterns to help lower storage costs by 50% per GB, while increasing performance
  • Deploying powerful analytics in as little as five minutes and gaining actionable insights within 30 minutes

Learn more about Storage Insights

IBM Spectrum Accelerate
Based on the XIV Storage System software stack — decoupled from the XIV “box” for use on standard x86 servers — IBM Spectrum Accelerate can also be deployed on the cloud.  

This offering has been generally available since March 2015, and it’s exciting to witness how companies have been embracing it. Earlier this month, Silverpop, a cloud-based digital marketing company, discussed how it is relying on IBM Spectrum Accelerate to store its Oracle data (video in the thumbnail below).

During the candid 20-minute dialogue, Paul Rafferty, SaaS Infrastructure Architecture Program Director at Silverpop, provided his insights on IBM Spectrum Accelerate. He discussed how his company is:

  • Moving 250 TB of Oracle data from on-premises storage to the SoftLayer cloud
  • Using IBM Spectrum Accelerate for Tier 1 storage 
  • Benefiting from consistent high performance and high end features
  • Starting small and adding nodes as-needed

Learn more about IBM Spectrum Accelerate

Board the Cloud with IBM Spectrum Storage
Cloud is impacting IT – storage included – in a fundamental way. To stay ahead of the curve, companies should explore and leverage the efficiencies and agility imparted by the cloud-based offerings such as Storage Insights and IBM Spectrum Accelerate. 

1. Average of individual customer Analysis Engine Reports produced by IBM using Butterfly Software